When ice crystals dance

Driving home for Christmas“. Every year I listen to this song on the radio in December, I’m really looking forward to Christmas, the season of the year where I can go home to my family and find plenty of time for everyone without being stressed. Besides the sparkling Christmas tree, the sweet smell of cookies, frankincense and cinnamon and the funny, long and simply beautiful afternoons in my parents’ living room I also enjoy the silence of nature while being home. So in the past few days I went for some longer walks in the forest and through the town with the Christmas decorations.

However, as probably most of you, I kept looking in vain for the snow in the fields and on the trees.


Instead I found some dry leaves and blossoms near a little creek on whose surface ice crystals seemed to be dancing. Especially in the early morning hours the icy slope provided a wonderful and sparkling natural spectacle.



What I also found beautiful was the lush green shining through as if to get its essential portion of fresh air under the ice sheet.



Another thing you can notice in the mountains in the morning is the mist which spreads all over the valleys before sunset in every season before it disappears again with the first sun beams. Once I was really lucky – although I hadn’t planned to do so, I woke up very, very early and didn’t want to miss the chance of taking a couple of photos of this atmosphere. Unfortunately, because of all the luggage on my trip I had left the tripod back home, which I really regretted because now I had to rely on wooden poles and fences to place my camera. However, I wasn’t able to move these technical additives as I wished, so I had to do quite some acrobatics on the one hand, on the other hand I wasn’t able to shoot from the perspective I’d have preferred.


Apart from that I also reached an observation platform in the mountains in the evening which is located directly above my town. The little sea of lights below keeps fascinating me over and over again.



And I won’t forget to tell you who my faithful companion was –three guesses. This lens, although I’ve been working with it a lot last year and you could read a lot about it already, is one of my favorites still.

You guessed right! My companion was the SIGMA Art 35mm f/1.4 HSM lens. In spite of the limited focal length it provides with wildlife photos, it’s hard for me to imagine a photo walk without it. Time and again it impresses me with its enormous light intensity, its brilliant level of sharpness, its wonderful bokeh and an incredibly stunning depth of field…

I hope you spent some nice Christmas holidays and wish you all a Happy New Year!

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