New Year’s Eve in Venice

New Year’s Eve… Almost every year it’s the same. You keep discussing which party or which dinner you may join with your friends. This year I didn’t want to take part in that game and went to Venice spontaneously with two friends.


The prices of the Italian “copertos” were – typical of Venice – adjusted to the festive event so they surmounted the price of a pizza by far. However, they didn’t in the least minimize the pleasure of this culinary delight that is typical of the country.  After 10 p.m. the lanes were getting crowded with people, even more crowded than I’d ever experienced Venice in summer during the tourist high season. It was impossible to reach St. Mark’s Square, so we kept looking for a spot by the harbor from where we had a stunning view at the gigantic fireworks which marked the beginning of the New Year for more than half an hour.

When the crowds slowly spread into the lanes again, we also returned to the center of this fascinating city. In spite of the New Year’s hustle I didn’t want to renounce using my camera and my faithful companion, the SIGMA Art 35mm f/1.4 DC HSM lens. Venice in winter, Venice at night – a dream for taking pictures. And thanks to the large amount of bridges and their railings a tripod wasn’t even necessary for time exposures. I also benefitted from the excellent 1.4 wide aperture of my favorite lens thanks to which I could keep the ISO value at 100 with most pictures. The beautiful thing about spending a night in Italy’s top tourist spot is the fact that few foreigners are annoying in the photos. Moreover, abandoned piers are a perfect opportunity to capture the Rialto Bridge, which crosses the Canal Grande so luxuriously – which wouldn’t work out during the day because of the busy boat traffic. I don’t consider the limited focal length which the SIGMA Art 35mm lens offers an obstacle for landscape and travel photography but it is great fun getting very nice sections nevertheless.

Venice always pays off – so in case you’ll visit it once again, I can only recommend a photo tour at night. In the dark this city doesn’t lose its charm, on the contrary – the scarcely illuminated lanes and canals also look spellbinding under a starry sky.





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