The SIGMA product list nicely presented


During my online search for a new lens I’ve recently come across an interesting function on the SIGMA website which I hadn’t discovered yet. Also taking the risk that you’ve paid more attention and already browsed the site extensively, I’d like to tell you about it in today’s article as it is a great help when you want to get more information about a particular lens or when you’re unsure about which lens to use for particular needs in photography.

SIGMA calls the category on its website Produktreferenzen . Well-arranged in menu points you can start your discovery tour through the product list of Japan’s camera manufacturer. The sub-categories are listed as wide-angle, standard, tele, fixed focal length, macro, fisheye and cameras.

In my opinion this is already a great overview since you can open different product series and categories on the menu point Objektive (lenses) which I already know very well. However, you won’t find everything so nicely displayed as in the version presenting the product variety that is a bit more hidden.

When you click your way through SIGMA’s virtual world of optics, you can take a closer look at every single product. To do so the site doesn’t only list the typical technical specs but also displays reference images with corresponding metadata. At a glance, literally speaking, you thus get much more useful information helping you to make your decision about which lens, which additional equipment or even which camera will match your personal requirements. You can admire all kinds of bokeh, analyze colors and check out the levels of sharpness.

A visit on the website will pay off on your next search for the perfect equipment in every way! Enjoy your discovery tour!



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