Finally some snow

For some weeks I’ve been searching for winter desperately, for some snow on the trees, for some icicles hanging down the rooftops, for children walking through the winter landscape wearing snowshoes or trailing their toboggans. All I’ve found so far was sad sceneries, barren meadows and anything else but a winter fairytale atmosphere.

As I fell into my bed exhausted yesterday evening and dared to glimpse out of the window before closing my eyes, the image was totally different from this morning. During the night snow finally surprised us for the first time this winter. I was happy like a little child the way I always get happy when everything is white.


After an extensive breakfast and a good cup of coffee it was clear to me what to do next. After I’d put on three pullovers, a thick scarf, gloves and the warmest jacket in my closet I was ready to venture out of my house, armed with my Canon 5D MarkIII and my Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 EX DG HSM lens.

With -15°C degrees and the sun hiding behind the clouds unfortunately it didn’t take long until I felt really cold. I had to make an effort to move my fingers to the right camera settings. My new lens didn’t have to fight the cold but a scenery without sharp contrasts. Because of the cloudy atmosphere on that day and the loads of snow I had some problems with focusing. Quite often it took longer to find the right spot but in the end everything worked out the way I’d imagined. I was very contented with the close-up limit of the Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 EX DG HSM as I wanted to do some close-ups where I could use this limit in the best way.

With the large amount of white in the pictures the vignetting I wrote about in my last lens review unfortunately was even more evident. I don’t know with which programs you prefer editing your photos, but I mostly use Lightroom to slightly adjust and optimize the images. With the “lens correction” mode you can easily and effectively remove vignetting. In case you haven’t tried this yet I strongly advise you to use it. Many other editing programs also have similar functions – and believe me, it will make a big difference and upgrade your photos!

I hope that you’re also enjoying winter and that you could find some nice subjects! 🙂











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