Dinara Kasko combines architecture and desserts


Architecture and desserts aren’t really two topics relating to each other at first sight. At least that’s what I’ve thought till I saw Dinara Kasko’s incredible desserts. The photos of her creations are shared all around the world, her Instagram account is booming. Some of her works may not look very appetizing in the beginning but rather nice to look at. But in her videos the artist shows you what the contents of her masterpieces actually is, making you quite hungry for some chocolate and other desserts.

Geometric shapes, strong colors and bold contrasts are the stuff her work is made of – her videos and photographs are simply fascinating and, in my opinion, they raise “food photography” to a totally new level.

Although her works are so unique she doesn’t make her recipes and tips a secret but publishes them on her website. For sure some great inspiration for all those wishing to take new bakery challenges. 😉

By now Dinara Kasko has already achieved cult status. Numerous magazines and all kinds of social media channels have reported about her. Her videos have thousands of views and there’ve even been some imitation attempts.

It wasn’t by coincidence that the artist got the idea of combining pastries with architecture. She studied architecture and then worked as an architectural designer as well as in the field of 3D visualization. On her website she writes that at some point she began to get more and more interested in pastries and wanted to combine both passions.

Uncomplicated, fresh and creative describe her way of working and the success she has is evident. I’m a fan of her creations in every way and every time I’m happy when I hear about a new idea she realizes.

Don’t miss taking a look at her Instagram account! 🙂


  1. Most interesting creations… unique!


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