Moviecats – Cat content always rules



Everyone surfing the Social Media every once in a while knows there’s something that unites the vast majority of users: I’m talking about their love for cat content.

Cats are – and have been for quite some time already – the ruling superstars in the social web. Cat videos are clicked thousands of times and cat photos receive an extreme number of likes. Albeit sweet, most of these cat content contributions often aren’t really that original. That’s why I’ve been wondering for a while how long this cat trend in the social media is going to last.

But sometimes there are people who come up with really original ideas and bring a wind of change to the social media. Two guys who’ve achieved this are Dave and Sarah from the United Kingdom. For fun they started to imitate famous movie sense with their cats for their pub quiz. By now their Instagram account already has 50,000 followers even though so far there are only eleven clips online. Dave and Sarah have promised their fans to continue their project “Moviecats” in the next months and make it grow.

The scenic imitations are incredibly fun. When you think about how hard it is to ask a cat to do something (be it a pose or the favor of putting it into a costume), the whole idea is even more impressive. Since, of course, not everything goes according to plan, there’s even a specific account for Out Take photos and a view behind the scenes.

I’m already excited what kind of roles the two cats Tara and Willow will play next! 😉





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