Alex Bernasconi shows us the world of penguins


For most people Antarctica remains a mystery. Only few of us have been there already or could possibly imagine traveling there one day. Because rationally speaking Antarctica definitely isn’t a cozy place for human-beings. Barren, cold and inhospitable. It certainly wasn’t on Mother Nature’s mind to make human-beings settle on the South Pole and so they never did. Until today people only go to the South Pole in order to do some research there. However, it’s very different with creatures living in Antarctica.  Such as penguins. They feel very well in Antarctica and live there in big colonies.

Alex Bernasconi, a world-renowned and successful wildlife photographer from Italy, in his amazing pictures of Antarctica shows us how incredibly big and fascinating these penguin colonies really are.

By doing so he got very close to the animals, mentioning baby penguins in interviews that got a little too interested in his camera equipment and didn’t show a trace of fear. And he talked about the incredible noise made by thousands of penguins at the same time.

The awarded photographer spent a lot of time with the penguins. He defied the extremely hostile climate and thus gives us more insights into the world of penguins in Antarctica, a world that’s still very unknown and unexplored by mankind.

Although I definitely belong to those people who prefer warm to cold weather and who can’t imagine surviving for so long at such a terribly hostile place, I must admit that taking pictures in this scenery and of the animals living there would fascinate me as well. How do you feel when you look at these wonderful photos? Does Antarctica also attract you magically?

In case you also became fascinated by the photos taken by Alex Bernasconi, I can recommend you the photo book “Blue Ice”!



Photos: Alex Bernasconi

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