Children’s Dreams around the World – Chris de Bode

Being a princess, working as a vet, becoming an actress, swimming with whales as a marine biologist, founding an animal shelter, traveling around the world as a photographer… All these are the dreams I had or still have. Some of them, or at least parts of them, have already come true. Others most likely will never come true and yet they’re part of me and of the person I am.


Dewi lives in a slum in New Delhi, and wants to be a teacher when she’s grown up. (Photo: Chris de Bode)

A couple of years ago when I was in Colombia I had the chance to talk to some children and realized that having such dreams and goals as a child is nothing natural. Some of the kids I asked about their wishes and about what they want to be told me shockingly modest and simple goals. A boy wanted to be a motor cycle taxi driver or the person on the bus who collects the money. Even if nothing would speak against such modest wishes, the replies of the children touched me a lot. Because when, if not as children, you should be allowed to have sometimes even utopian dreams without any limits?

Children’s dreams from all around the world are also the focus of Chris de Bode’s project titled “I have a dream – children‘s dreams around the world“.

For his project he traveled around the world and soon realized that there are children in our world who just don’t have the opportunity to have big dreams. In an interview with Lens Culture Magazin he talked about meeting children whose only goal it was to survive and who don’t have enough space or power to have dreams going beyond that. With his photo project that he carried out on behalf of the “Save the Children” foundation he aims to show that dreaming is nothing to be taken for granted even though it should be. For every child on this planet.

His photos are amazing and the stories and dreams of the children he took pictures of haven often moved me to tears.

You can follow his current projects on his Instagram account and on his website.


Amman from Jordan wants to become an opera singer or audition for Arabic Idols. (Photo: Chris de Bode)


Aniket who lives in a slum in New Delhi wants to become an architect. (Photo: Chris de Bode)


Boboeva from Tajikistan dreams of being able to go to school again and study to become a nurse. (Photo: Chris de Bode)


Peter from Haiti lives in a village with no electricity. His dream is to become an electrician. (Photo: Chris de Bode)


Yunes and his family fled from the war in Syria, they now live in a Refugee Camp in Jordan. He wants to become the strongest man on earth, so he can protect his family. (Photo: Chris de Bode)

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