Martin Stranka and the rescued animals

Martin 1

I’m an animal lover from the bottom of my heart. My wish is to buy a huge parcel of land and create a home for suffering animals. I’m also a fan of animal photography.

No matter if it’s funny or entertaining photos like Seth Casteel’s “Underwater Dogs“ or original ones like in Andy Seliverstoff’s ”Little Kids and their big Dogs“ project or simply stunningly beautiful ones like Laurent Baheux’s black and white photographs.

Animals that do not pose and present themselves artificially count among my favorite subjects. For me animal photography belongs to the top disciplines within photography as photographers are forced to work with what the animal offers them and so they can’t intervene a lot.
One guy who intrigues me quite a lot with his animal photos is Martin Stranka. His style is fantastic and dreamy, his colors are tender and the lighting is soft.
I was amazed by his project “Rescued Animals” in particular. For this project he took pictures of people with rescued animals. In the “Lomography” magazine he says that he admires persons dedicating themselves to rescuing suffering animals and that every time it’s a magical moment to feel their love and their dedication and take portraits of the people who feel this way for animals. His pictures are also meant to show how important nature is, how much it needs to be protected and that human-beings need to cherish it more.
It’s the idea I already find great when looking at Martin Stranka’s photos. Of course, the way he realizes them is the icing on the cake. I really fell in love with his photos and hope that soon there’ll be a follow-up project to “Rescued Animals”.
Martin is now about to publish his photo book “10 Years” very soon in which he celebrates his ten-year work as a photographer. If you find his work as amazing as I do, just help him publish his photo book HERE.

On his website and on his Instagram account you can find some more fantastic pictures he took.

martin 2

martin 4

martin 5

Photos: Martin Stranka

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