SIGMA sd Quattro wins the IF Gold Award


Once again SIGMA has been confirmed for its top camera design as the Japanese company was awarded the iF Design Award 2017 for its mirrorless sd Quattro digital camera.

In 1953 the predecessor of the iF whose abbreviations means Industrie Forum, was founded as Die gute Industrieform in the German city of Hanover. Under the management of Philip Rosenthal, who merged with the Hanover Messe, they wanted to direct more attention to current, strikingly well designed industry products. At the same time they also wanted to communicate the importance good design can achieve to customers, to the brands and to the industry itself.


Today the iF logo has become a symbol for excellent design, but also for beautiful shapes, aesthetic quality and consumer convenience. More than that it represents ergonomics and user-friendliness. The iF Award has been established to put the focus on top design and on promoting and supporting this. By now the award is said to be the most important design prize on an international scale.

That’s why SIGMA was very happy that among 5,500 applications the sd Quattro was able to convince an independent jury, thus winning one of the 75 highly coveted Gold Awards. You can learn more about this camera on SIGMA’s website.


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