Hey guys,

Today I decided not to look for unusual subjects but to take pictures of totally typical everyday things. You can normally find me kneeling or lying in front of some little blossoms or tiptoeing behind some trees, breathing silently and waiting tensely for the right moment to capture a bird. Today I was on eye-level in a little village near my home town. I scrutinized the apartment blocks, looked at the driveways more carefully and enjoyed the atmosphere of the coming spring.


Of course, for a tour of this kind you need to choose the right lens. Because one thing is clear: As much as I love the 50mm F1,4 DG HSM | Art, for a project like this one it’s not the ideal companion.  I wanted to move around without time-consuming lens swaps and heavy camera equipment, so my choice was the reliable SIGMA 24-105mm F4 DG OS HSM | Art lens. Along with my Canon EOS 5D MarkIII it turned out to be an excellent choice. The focal length of this lens really gives you the chance to capture everything – ranging from far-angle shots on streets to portraits of passersby and many interesting details the village has to offer.

On my walk which made me forget time I reached some parts of the village I’d never noticed before although I’ve spent quite a lot of time there. I can really recommend you visiting nearby places once again with your camera equipment. You’ll certainly discover many new aspects as well, which can be really exciting! Sometimes it doesn’t take much energy, big distances or impressive subjects to take interesting pictures.

So get out – now that the days are getting brighter, friendlier and warmer you’ll enjoy even more!















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