Event tip: Watched! Surveillance Art & Photography


Surveillance, big data and the Transparent Man – keywords that have been popping up very often in the media in recent years.

They are often accompanied by articles on Facebook, Google & co who keep observing all our moves and collecting data in order to make profits in the best possible way. Names like NSA and Edward Snowden are also known to most of us and do not really make us feel that good.

The issue of surveillance, however, should be regarded from a differentiated point of view because frankly speaking it’s become almost normal nowadays that we, or at least many of us, keep documenting everything that happens in our life. We use apps to document and control our running distances and physical fitness, we share postings in social media about what we eat, whom we meet, how we feel, where we are and what we dream about. Surveillance is often equated with something coming from high above, from the state or companies interested in our data. We often forget that exposing ourselves has become a habit.


The C/O Berlin in cooperation with the Hasselblad Foundation and more than 20 international artists focuses on the issue of surveillance in art and photography as it deals with the visibility or the invisibility of individuals, respectively, and with watching and being watched. The photo exhibition Watched! Surveillance Art & Photography lasts until 23 April 2017 in the C/O Berlin. In my opinion it highlights an issue that isn’t regarded critically enough by many people.

What’s really interesting to me is the different ways of approach and the artists’ perspectives as well as diverse techniques and tools used by the artists. Some of them, for example, worked with techniques of facial recognition or Google Street View.

When you get the chance of visiting Berlin for a short time, don’t miss this exhibition.

Venue: C/O Berlin
Date: 18 February to 23 April 2017, daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Entrance fee: 10 Euros, 5 Euros reduced price

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