SIGMA NEWS: Converter MC-11

There’s some exciting news for all Sony photographers among you! The MC-11 mount converter makes it possible to use interchangeable lenses with SIGMA SA-mounts and SIGMA EF-mounts on camera bodies with Sony E-mounts.



Using cameras and lenses of different manufacturers together was also possible in the past with a number of methods. The new converter, however, is a clear improvement both in a mechanical sense and in terms of software.

The biggest difficulty when developing it was the combination of DSLR cameras with bodies of mirrorless cameras. The new technical innovations have many advantages such as ensuring compatibility with camera features. The converter guarantees a noiseless and fast AF and OS with compatible lenses. The MC-11 makes sure that edge illumination and color errors, distortion and other problems are corrected.

The camera bodies with Sony E-mounts are perfectly compatible with SIGMA SA interchangeable lenses and SIGMA interchangeable lenses with Canon mounts as they don’t require an integration of lenses with mechanical aperture control.

The MC-11 converter is an ideal supplement to the equipment of professionals and amateur photographers. This way they can work without any problems and easily with different camera systems while having a complete choice of lenses. This also increases the value of one’s equipment.

The MC-11 converter makes it possible to use 23 different interchangeable SIGMA lenses in sum. You can check out a detailed list on the SIGMA website. Using the converter is very easy. A red, green or no signal light tells you whether a lens is compatible or not. Green means you can start shooting right away, red means an update is necessary. When there’s no light the lens is not compatible.

Another advantage of this converter is that the lens type, the focal length, the aperture value and other shooting data are integrated into the Exif data of the image files.

SIGMA’s recommended price for the mount is 299€.



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