What a beautiful colorful world! Will Sanders

Looking at his photos makes you feel good. Especially the ones of his personal series “Full Colour”. They shine, they’re partly funny or simply beautiful and full of colors in particular.

Will Sanders, a photographer from London, created his personal project in which he captures the colors in the streets in wonderful compositions. He shoots when he sees the perfect image – very often his photos are full of dynamic, with people who sometimes look a bit surreal and situations that may seem a bit bizarre. His message is to show that our everyday lives often seem to occur like in a fantasy world. As his photos tell us, he went to many places all over the world.

Since March 16th the book about his project is available online on his website for 30 pounds. And, corresponding to his theme, you can choose between three different colors for the cover of the book. There’s a blue, yellow and red one.







But also the other photos in Sanders’s portfolio are worth taking at least one look. His portrait photos were often taken at unusual locations with special people. A model, for instance, poses in front of the sculptures of wild animals, a lady wearing a sparkling coat and rubber boots stands on top of a car, surrounded by the orange foliage on the ground and on the trees, a horse puts its head in a car boot in front of which a man has found a nice spot in an unusual scenario.

Will Sanders works as an editorial and fashion photographer. But no matter for what purpose he grabs his camera, his photos all reflect a beautiful and colorful world full of imagination as he plays with his subjects, the models, their accessories and the environment where he places all these components.

Even now in spring when the sun delights us and the streets and the nature are getting colorful, when we fully enjoy the colors and the warmth, Will Sanders gives us loads of inspiration and motivates us for some daydreaming.

By the way, you can find more photos taken by him on his website!

Enjoy discovering!







Photos: Will Sanders

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