Lindbergh exhibition in Munich

Almost everyone interested in photography sooner or later comes across the name Peter Lindbergh. The German belongs to the very big and influential fashion photographers of the past 1940s. His employers are nobody less important than Vogue, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair or the Rolling Stone. He considerably took part in establishing supermodels in the 1990s and the celebrities he took pictures of included Tina Turner and Mick Jagger.

A big exhibition in the Kunsthalle Munich now focuses on his lifetime achievements. The name of the exhibit is “From Fashion to Reality” and shows more than 200 of his most popular works. Among the works exhibited, however, aren’t only his iconic presentations but also movies and exclusive material like storyboards, requisites, Polaroid photos and contact prints that haven’t been shown to the public up until today. The exhibition is curated by Thierry-Maxime Loriot, who has already presented the fashion by Jean Paul Gaultier in the Kunsthalle Munich.

Lindbergh allowed the curator unlimited access to his archives. That’s why he was able to add making-of and behind-the-scenes material to the huge series of official and popular works. This allows the visitors of the exhibit a whole new perspective on the history of fashion photography in the past decades.

The center of the exhibition includes Lindbergh’s stories and his concept of aesthetics. Peter Lindbergh wanted to show some depth. It was or is important to him to show the real person. His pictures are meant to have some personality. The exhibition is divided into the fields top models, couturiers, zeitgeist, dance, the dark room, the unknown, silver screen and icons.

The diversity of his works will certainly inspire many people. Speaking for myself, I strongly hope that I’ll have time to visit the exhibition.


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