Easter in China


It was time for me again to leave home for exploring unknown, faraway places. As you already know me, my camera and me are used to simply hop on the next train, bus or plane in order to travel to other countries.

This time, through mere coincidence than big considerations, we travelled to China. (I would like to thank at this point all the travel websites that enabled me to find very easily the best offers in such a short time).

The final but not only destination of this journey was Beijing, the capital of the Republic of China.

Beside Beijing I also travelled to the province called Guilin, from which I would like to show you also some pictures. It took me 20 hours by a non-air conditioned train to get there. In comparison to Beijing, which is still very communistic and dull, is Guilin full of life. You will find there many markets where you can buy vegetables and fruits. Beside that hundreds of mopeds are driving on the streets. Even the air is full of different smells, which makes you feel the busyness of the city even more.

Guilin is the China that you know from movie scenes, as it is also surrounded by dense green hills, which look very mysterious when it is cloudy. The city itself, which is home of 4 million people, has even inherited the name “The City of the Forest full of sweet Osmanthus”. The origin of this comes from the massive amount of osmanthus trees within the city.

Finally, Guilin does not only lie between hills but also on the banks of the Li-river, which makes the whole scenery even more breath-taking for a passionate photographer like me.

Of course my loyal partner – Canon 5D Mark III accompanied me on my journey to China. Concerning which lens I should carry with me, I decided myself to bring my SIGMA 24-105mm F4 DG OS HSM, which was my beloved travel partner before. It became my favourite lens for travelling due to several reasons. First I really like it because it can be used in many ways, for instance it covers the range of a wide-angle lens but also the one of a telephoto lens. Secondly the focus works really fast and also the sharpness of the pictures is amazing. Surely it can be lighter but the advantages are outweighing that easily









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