Paperboyo and his amazing paper cutouts


I’m definitely someone who is easily impressed by creative photo ideas. It amazes me how some photographers have the most unique and genius ideas and it makes me realize, how endless the possibilities are when it comes to photography.

Rich McCor, a.k.a Paperboyo, is one of those artists who recently left the biggest impression on me.

I found his Instagram profile through a friend who is a big fan of his work and I was instantly thrilled.

Thinking about it; his idea is actually really simple. He travels the world and visits the most popular sights and landmarks. With a pair of scissors and some black paper he then creates paper cutouts and positions them in the right way. By this means he creates the most wonderful and quirky images.

His photos seem to be the results of spontaneous ideas and sudden inspirations. They seem effortless and simple, but the artist himself admits that in most of them lies meticulous planning and quite a lot of work. Vantage points have to be taken into account, the weather has to be considered and even the wind plays a role.

His photos even contain references to popular movies and books. His photos made me chuckle multiple times and if I’d be at least a bit talented when it comes to handicrafts, I’d probably try to copy his idea at least once.

His Instagram account has achieved more than a quarter million followers so far. This proofs once again, that people are open to new ideas and that we all should dare to think outside the box from time to time.







Photos: Rich McCor, a.k.a., Paperboyo

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