Daily Overview

The experience that transforms an astronaut’s perspective of our planet Earth and mankind’s purpose and place upon it is referred to as the overview effect. The term was first used by Frank White in 1987. Astronauts, who were lucky enough to make this incredible experience, mentioned a shift of perspective related to our planet Earth and the importance of the actions of human-beings. They spoke about the emergence of a profound understanding of how valuable life and our planet really are and they mentioned a deep sense of connection and a newly discovered responsibility towards Earth and everything it offers.


This overview effect was the inspiration and the name giver of the Daily Overview project. With their satellite images the people behind the project aim to provide a new perspective on the Earth, which should function as an eye-opener in a way that otherwise is exclusively reserved to astronauts. They aim to raise awareness of the places where human activity has shaped and impacted the landscape of our planet – for better or for worse.

Besides these breathtaking images the website and Social Media Accounts also provide us some interesting facts about the locations portrayed.

Benjamin Grant, the founder of Daily Overview, calls his project artistic, environmental and educational. And it seems as though he’s managed to find the perfect blend to reach and motivate thousands of people to overthink their behavior towards Earth and maybe reconsider their own responsibility.

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset






(Photo source: Daily Overview)

The images of Daily Overview have been featured in over 45 countries around the world and the project was even mentioned in the popular BBC News program.

You can watch the BBC News video here:

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