An espresso, sun and colorful houses

Easter, according to a recent newspaper report, is supposed to be the best season to visit Venice and its little nearby islands. “Venice… First time here?” somebody asked me. No. For another time. But this time only beautiful Venezia wasn’t enough – after the gray winter I was longing for as many colors as possible. That’s why I took the ferryboat to Burano. This island can already be seen from far away. The leaning clock tower and the colorful houses of the tiny village on the island spread their colors into the distance.


Burano shines in so many vibrant colors because – according to a legend – the local fishermen who inhabited the island in former times found their way back to their houses at night by seeing these colors. A helping hand for particularly dark and very often rainy nights. Today it therefore attracts so many visitors. The emphasis being on “so many”.

A couple of years ago I visited the island in summer. Then I didn’t even have to wait for an hour to find a seat on the ferryboat back to Venice after a wonderful walk. Well… A newspaper certainly won’t praise the area at this season so much by mere coincidence. However, an aromatic dark creamy and simply perfect espresso doppio and a glass of Aperol will make your waiting time not only sweeter and shorter but even a real pleasure.

By the way, I did this tour with my Canon camera and the SIGMA Art 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM. I’d decided for this particular lens because I didn’t want to carry a lot of weight on this trip. Since I’m a great fan of fixed focal lengths and this lens in particular, I preferred the lens to my tele-zoom lenses.  Of course, you’ll be a bit more limited but for me it’s always a big challenge to get very close to your subjects or to keep distance as far as possible until you’re able to capture the entire specter of the subjects you want to shoot on your sensor.

These days are very, very gray – winter sends its greetings for a last time and so I hope that my pictures will inspire you a bit for the summer season. I can also only recommend a trip to Burano.





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