Frederik Buyckx

Winning the biggest photography competition in the world, this mainly means one thing: international fame, recognition and an incredible stage for one’s works. When you count among the ten photographers who are finally awarded with one of ten Sony World Photography category prizes, you know that you’ve successfully beaten thousands of other photographers worldwide. 227,595 photos were submitted this year and one of the lucky winners is 32-year-old photographer Frederik Buyckx from Belgium.


His photo series “Whiteout”, which was created in Scandinavia, in the Balkans and in Central Asia, focuses on the special relationship between nature, human-beings and animals. Especially when winter comes and ice and snow dominate entire areas. With the title of his series Buyckx already hints at the struggle of mankind and animals against the disappearing which the masses of snow and ice result in. The disappearing when everything fades under a white cover, when the colors in our world disappear and all life seeks to protect itself and hide from winter as well as possible.

The photographer himself also says about his photo series that he wants to put a stronger focus again on our relationship with nature, which is actually innate to all human-beings. On his website he writes that this relationship, however, has changed for a majority of people in the meantime as they now feel home in the jungle of megacities and can’t cope with real nature anymore.

Buyckx’s winning picture and also those in the other winning categories are presented in Somerset House until 7 May 2017. You can find more on this HERE.

The Sony World Photography Award will enter the next round on 1 June 2017. From this day everyone will have a new chance of presenting their photographic masterpieces to an international jury of experts and perhaps achieve their breakthrough as photographers by doing so.


Photos: Frederik Buyckx

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