Harlow & Sage – A dog friendship that touches the world


True friendship doesn’t only exist between human-beings but also in the world of animals. I’m convinced of that. Gregarious animals in particular, which include dogs as well, often have intense social relationships with each other. The story of such a friendship is the one of Harlow, the Weimaraner bitch, and her friends. And it all started with the basset bitch Sage.

Both female dogs were such a sweet and photogenic couple that their owners dedicated them their own website and their own Instagram account. Both are a true success story. Harlow and Sage even managed to become little celebrities in the social media. Five years later Sage passed away. But Harlow didn’t have to live alone because very soon the family grew with Indiana Thunderbolt and Reese Lightning, and their friendship also became something very special. How special this friendship is can be seen every day in the incredibly funny and cute pictures of the trio on Instagram. Small anecdotes from the lives of the dogs and funny hick-ups happening to a family with a pack of dogs every day make Harlow’s and Sage’s account one among my favorites. Time and again the dog photos make me smile and I’m certainly not an exception. Besides their successful Instagram account with 1.5 million followers and their website two books about the adventures of the mini pack have already been published. Both became a New York Times bestseller.

As a dog fan I was immediately thrilled by the idea behind their account. The story of a dog’s life and a dog friendship, in particular, told from the (fictitious) perspective of a dog. In my opinion the owners of the trio are really doing an amazing job as the photos turn out really well and they always get new and especially funny ideas.

Just take a look at the account and the website of Harlow & Sage. You surely won’t regret! 😉

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Goooood Morning

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