Guest contribution: Portrait photography with Verena Prinz

Hi, dear photography fans! For quite some time I’ve been following the Fotogenerell Blog and just like Tamara and Beatrice I have a great passion for photography. That’s why I was more than happy when they asked me if I wouldn’t like to write a guest commentary. Well – I simply couldn’t resist and would first like to introduce myself:

Since my early childhood, the camera has been my constant companion! On my pathways I want to capture moments by the means of photography, tell stories and leave space for some interpretation. Capturing emotions first led me to concert photography. Nowhere else can short moments be captured in such a thrilling and expressive way as in this field. In later years, my focus shifted into other directions as well, and so I freely express my creativity with photo stories, landscape and architecture photography as well as macro and portrait photography. When taking portrait photos in particular I want to shoot the persons as naturally as possible and reveal their characters. A comfortable atmosphere as well as good lighting conditions and many other things make a good portrait. For now I’d like to give you some useful tips to create amazing portraits:

For my portraits I use a Canon 5d Mark 3 and for the following images the SIGMA 150mm f/2.8 APO MACRO EX DG OS lens.


 You get the best portrait pictures on a cloudy day. There’s no strong sun light and yet you can divert the desired amount of light on the person with a reflector.


You may also wonder, of course, about the best focal length to take portrait photos? Well, persons can be shot without any strong distortions starting with a focal length of about 50mm. You can notice this kind of distortions in the face of a person. Basically every photographer has their preferences. – I prefer shooting with a 85mm focal length and a 150mm focal length (e.g. at weddings).


Besides this, not only persons can be skillfully portrayed with these lenses – the lenses are also perfectly suitable for detailed pictures. With a rather open aperture the 150mm lens creates very nice bokeh and in sum the portraits and the detailed pictures can make a very nice photo series. Enjoy experimenting!



So I’ve made you curious? Then just take a look at my Facebook profile: Verena Prinz Photography and at my Instagram account: Verena Prinz Photography

  1. gadcastroblog May 5, 2017 at 7:47 am

    wow ☺ I wonder what typr of cam do you use?


    1. Hey there! 🙂 I’m using a Canon 5 d Mark 3 !:) And I love it! 😉


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