Alex Nero


Colors, shapes, structures and contrasts have always fascinated me. Before I held my first camera in my hands at the age of seven, I spent a great part of my time painting, drawing and modeling clay. Even today I try to capture the magical interplay of an endless series of colors in my pictures.

The work from Ukraine-born New Yorkan photographer Alex Nero is a mix of chemistry, painting and digital photography. Bold colors, mystical shapes and breathtaking contrasts make his pictures compelling pieces of art that will completely spellbind you.

I immediately caught myself looking for figures and shapes in these colorful abstractions, remembering my childhood days a bit when I was lying on the grass for hours looking for the shapes of animals in the clouds.

The artist himself is aware of these effects and on his website he says that his pictures when being observed are meant to invoke a dialog with the subconscious and that everybody should perceive their own interpretations and their own visions of the picture. Some even claim that his photos had a therapeutic effect to them and I also agree with them.

Millions of people are enthusiastic fans of this artist and his works travel around the globe. What do you think of them?






Photos: Alex Nero

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