Urban Exploring instead of coffee time on Sunday


My urge to experience some adventures and escape from our everyday lives is constantly increasing the more work I have. And that’s what I felt a couple of days ago. The sun was shining, it was one of the wonderful warm days. I grabbed my Canon 5D Mark III and the appropriate equipment of lenses for a very particular purpose – that is, for Urban Exploring.

I chose the SIGMA Art 50mm f/1.4, the SIGMA 35mm f/1.4 and the SIGMA 24-105mm f/4 lenses. The selection of different lenses serves the purpose of paying attention to the following things during the Urban Exploring in old, abandoned houses:

  • Light:

The lighting conditions range from very dark (as there is no electricity to switch on an external light source) to sunlight (for this you often find large, wonderful old windows typical of historic buildings as well as balconies). This means: You need powerful lenses. For this purpose SIGMA’s two masterpieces, the 50mm Art and the 35mm Art, are the perfect choice.

  • Focal lengths:

In closed rooms you’re very limited in your moves and your search for the right perspective to walls, old fireplaces or furniture. For this reason I decided to use lenses that cover a very large range of focal lengths. With the wide-angle, which the SIGMA 24-105 offers, you can perfectly capture large areas like, for example, a wide section of the staircase or complete walls. Besides this there are also fixed focal lengths that are able to perfectly capture smaller sections of the atmosphere in high quality.

The abandoned house also offered numerous exciting photographic subjects – ranging from old wooden floors to peeling wall paints which create a unique mixture of earthen and bluish color tones, plants overgrowing the walls and the windows, curtains blowing in the wind and – which was the nicest thing on my tour – the rooms flooded by sunlight. The atmosphere was incredibly beautiful, the light condition being the perfect grain of glamour in the old dusty rooms which thus made pictures like shining models.

But take a look for yourselves – I’ve compiled a small selection of subjects so you can get some little impressions of my trip. Have fun exploring!






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