Animals seen from below – Andrius Burba


First it was dogs under water, then it was dogs shaking their bones and cats jumping through the air, later on dogs catching a goodie and the most recent idea that’s fascinated animal fans from all around the world is called “Dogs seen from below”. Sometimes I really wonder why I don’t also have such great ideas. 😉

Taking pictures of dogs, cats, rabbits and even horses from below – this was a great idea of Andrius Burba and within a very short time it thrilled animal fans from all around the globe.

By chance 24-year-old Andrius got the idea of changing the ordinary perspective of pet photography. While browsing the internet he came across a picture of a cat seen from below. He was excited right away and thought that he could realize that idea at a cat-show that would soon take place. The cat owners agreed and this is how his success story began.

When you ask Burba about the tricks why the animals make such incredible poses, he clearly and soberly answers that it’s for the goodies.

For his dogs, cats and rabbits the photographer simply put a glass plate in between two tables and lay under it to take pictures. For the horse photos, however, he had to become creative again. In order to take pictures of horses weighing several hundreds of kilograms from below, he had to dig a hole in the ground. He had a box built that was large enough to crawl inside and then covered it with bulletproof glass. To me that definitely doesn’t sound very comfortable, but when you take a look at the pictures he managed to take, it definitely paid off!

I truly find his images amazing. The dog and horse pictures, in particular, made me smile. In contrast to the cats, the dogs really seemed to enjoy their time. But this was certainly because of the dogs’ strong desire for the goodies! 😉

Now, of course, there are also photo books and posters of his snapshots. They’re available on Amazon. Besides that, Andrius Burba also gives us some insight into his work with animals on YouTube and Instagram. I can recommend you the backstage video!

The fascination of mankind for pets is unbroken and I’m sure there will still be countless wonderful ideas for snapshots. Who knows, maybe one of these ideas will be my own! 😉


Photos by: Andrius Burba

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