The world in faces – by Alexander Khimushin


Faces keep fascinating me. Some time ago I already told you in an article how much emotions in portrait photography fascinate me. Human emotions can literally be read in our faces. With the exception of extremely good poker players, perhaps. And that’s exactly why I find faces especially thrilling. One and the same face can be taken a thousand times and yet you’ll never succeed in capturing it in an identical way.

No matter how often I’ve already taken the picture of a face, every time I see something new in it. Sometimes it’s the traces of time, but mostly it’s their emotions. This great diversity can be seen in the example of just one single face. However, if you consider that our planet is inhabited by millions of people and that this human population is incredibly diverse, in particular with regards to their physical appearances, this definitely goes beyond my imagination.

The diversity of mankind is also a major theme in a project by photographer Alexander Khimushin. In “The World in Faces”, Kimushin travels to remote inhabited places in the world and takes portraits of members of ethnic minorities. When watching his photos you will soon realize how diversified mankind actually is and how many different sorts of beauty exist in this world. On his website, the photographer writes about the aim of his project:

“I want to show diversity of the world we are all living in by taking portraits of its incredible people. If we all realise how unique and amazing we, the people, are, we will care more about each other, be more tolerant to people of another ethnicity, religion and culture.”

I consider his project extremely important because it’s often the fear of the unknown and ignorance towards others that are causes to many global problems. For nine years Khimushin has been traveling around the world now. He’s visited 84 countries and taken thousands of photos. I’m thrilled about where his next mission will take him to.


Photos: Alexander Khimushin


  1. Stunning photos. Thanks for sharing them. 🙂


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