Vacation in the mountains due to heat wave


Finally it’s here – the summer we’ve been yearning for a long time. The days are endless, the motivation and energies refreshed and the desire for ice-cold drinks at the water is huge. But after a few days of full urban heat which, as every year, spreads between the houses, I nicely accepted some vacation in the mountains.

The freshness and coolness high above in the Alps is a blessing for some change. Of course, I’d taken my photographic equipment with me when hiking, even if a bit compressed, so I wouldn’t have to carry a lot of baggage when climbing the mountains. The APSC camera Canon EOS 600D and one of my all-round lenses, the SIGMA 17-50mm f/2.8 EX DC OS HSM , proved to be faithful companions. With 570g the lens is very compact and sometimes even fits into every camera bag with a maximum length of 91.8mm.

With a range of a focal length reaching from 17mm to 50mm, I could make some close-ups of colorful flowers and the entire mountain panorama. The open aperture of the lens with a crop sensor even creates some picturesque bokeh. The close focus limit is 28cm, so you can get really close to your subject and even make little flowers become main subjects in your pictures. The lens, by the way, can be used for diverse camera labels such as SIGMA, Canon, Nikon, Sony and Pentax. Optical image stabilization has been integrated in SIGMA, Canon and Nikon cameras, which makes it possible for photographers to take pictures with up to 4 time levels more and thus extend the freehand limit. The faithful companion made of glass can now be purchased online for absolutely fair prices.

My short summer vacation has also come to an end, but I will enjoy my photographic achievements for much longer and the pictures of the freshness of the Alps will be especially nice to look at in the hot summer in the city.

I wish you all a nice time! Enjoy the sun and taking pictures in the (at least in my opinion) most enjoyable season of the year.


  1. Stunning images – have a good break in the mountains!


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