Pictures like from the old days


All those among you who’ve been following this blog for quite some time know I’m a huge fan of antique pictures.

If I remember correctly, the retro look of Instagram filters with which you could convert your own images within few seconds into something that seemed to be from another era was the only reason why I opened an Instagram account some years ago! 😉

In the meantime the retro hype may have decreased, but speaking for myself I still like such images a lot. For this reason I came across Craig Murphy when I discovered one of his pictures by chance in my Facebook feed.




The special thing about Craig’s images is that they aren’t the result of an Instagram filter or Photoshop. The photographer uses the same photographic direct-positive procedure that was invented by Hamilton Lanphere Smith in 1856 and was the most popular photographic procedure in the 1930s:
ferrotypes or tintypes.

Traveling photographers in particular made it so popular to the population. On fairs photographers showed up with their movable studios and one could have their photograph taken of themselves and their dearest ones. Something that, in comparison to today, was something very special.

Craig Murphy, however, did not only choose ferrotypes as his procedure. He also works almost like the photographers in former times. With his mobile studio he tours through the US and takes pictures wherever he can capture a good subject on his lens and wherever his growing number of clients wants him to be. On the photographer’s blog you can track his photo tours and if you happen to be traveling in the US, you can find opportunities to meet him and get your own tintype picture taken by Craig in the “events” section. 😉

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