iPhone Photography Award – Winners 2017


I’ve never been a member of the “Team iPhone”. But for quite some time I’ve been a fan of the iPhone Photography Award. Every year, I’m impressed by the incredible variety of breathtaking pictures you can take with an iPhone (and of course, with other smartphones as well). No matter if it’s spectacular landscape images, street photography, artistic portraits and atmospheric momentary shots – the Award shows us the possibilities the technology of smartphone photography offers. You almost always have it with you and have the chance to capture every moment, and sometimes you manage to capture very special moments in a photo.

The iPhone Awards have been organized for the 10th time in 2017. It’s no surprise that the participants are from all around the world. From more than 140 countries, to be exact.

The big winner and iPhone photographer of this year is Sebastian Tomada. His photo titled “Children of Quayyarah” has convinced the jury and deservedly, in my opinion. He took his picture with an iPhone 6s. Sebastian Tomada is a photo journalist and mainly travels in war areas. His works have been published in almost every popular magazines and besides the IPP he can also call the Photographer of the Year Award of the World Press Photo Organisation his own.

On the website of the award you can find the pictures of the other winners and many other wonderful photos. Just click through and if you belong to the “Team iPhone” and practice smartphone photography every now and then, just try the IPP 2018 and submit your best photo until March 2018. The conditions for the submission and more detailed information about the categories you can find HERE.

Children of Qayyarah

Sebastian Tomada


Brendan Ó Sé


Kuanglong Zhang

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