Ange Ong‘s way to see or: Color dots from the Far East


When browsing my virtual magazine library which I’ve created over the last couple of years and which I love searching at least once every week while enjoying a strong espresso in the sun, this time I discovered some especially beautiful photographs.

They were taken by artist Ange Ong, who did her Master’s degree in art history in Chicago. Now she works in Brooklyn, New York, and, as she says on her website, from time to time in Hong Kong as well.


Besides that, it’s quite hard finding more information about her on the World Wide Web. I came across an interview which revealed a bit more about her – for example (how surprising!) the first camera she used. And no – I can tell you so much – it wasn’t a Kodak Brownie. It was a Sony. A digital one even. She says that she borrowed it from relatives for traveling. Otherwise she can’t remember a lot regarding the Sony camera. Besides the fact that she took good care of it and never left it alone whenever she walked outside. She also talked about taking pictures on her trips: “Photography at that time was such a privilege to me, it was so precious and magical.” You can read in the interview how she began to focus on photography thanks to her studies of arts, because now we’re getting to the part I’d like to share with you today – her pictures.


The statements of her photos seem to caress life and our world in candy colors. Like in this photo, for instance, where China’s skyscrapers in soft pink, blue and green tones mingle with a sky that’s fading from yellow to blue. Today the photos that have become especially popular are those where she placed real objects, like glasses and plates, on life-sized furniture made of paper and rigid foam. The series from last year titled “Hong Kong Café” is visually based on real coffee shops in Hong Kong. Ange Ong’s idea behind it was to reflect the arbitrary character of symbols that allow you to feel and identify home and being home.

But now I’ve told you enough. Just take a look at her vibrant color photographs – who still asks for ice-cream with such colors?!

And for those of you who’d like to see more by Ange Ong: She also has an Instagram account . Have fun enjoying her work!


Photos: Ange Ong

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