The winners of the 4th Dronestagram Award

It seems to be an award season! A couple of days ago I told you about the iPhone Photography Awards and today you can already admire the next awarded pictures.

The winners of the fourth International Drone Photography Contest, which was initiated by Dronestagram, have been announced and, as expected, there are some really amazing photos among the winning pictures.

Drone photos are nothing really new in the world of photography, but in my opinion they won’t lose their impact for quite some time. The incredible perspective on fascinating scenarios and sceneries that drone photos allow will never diminish our fascination.

The jury of the contest consisted, among others, of National Geographic Deputy Director Patrick Witty and National Geographic Photo Editor Jeff Heimsatz and Emanuela Ascoli, Photo Editor of National Geographic France and Dronestagram member.

The contest aimed at three categories, “Nature”, “People” and “Urban” and for the first time this year the category “creativity” – and I must confess that I found the pictures of the “people” category incredibly awesome this year. My favorite is the picture titled “Waterlily”. The countless different green tones combined with the pink of the water lilies and the bouquet of lilies in the middle really struck me.


2nd Prize Winner – Category People- photo by helios1412

The winner in this category was the photo by Martin Sanchez titled “End of the line”.


1st Prize Winner – Category People: Photo by Martin Sanchez

Of course, the pictures in the categories “Nature” and “Urban” are extremely spectacular as well. “Provence, summer trim” – the winning picture of the “Nature” category, for example, makes you assume at first sight that Photoshop had been used. The lines of the lavender field seem too straight, too perfect. It’s hard to tell if it was post-edited. But the effect this picture creates is brilliant anyway.


1st Prize Winner – Nature: photo by Jcourtial

You can take a look at the other winning images on the Dronestagram website. Which category do you find to be the most exciting one? And do you also have your own favorite?


2nd Prize Winner – Category Urban: Dawn on Mercury Tower by alexeygo



2nd Prize Winner – Nature: Infinite Road to Transylvania by Calin Stan


1st Prize Winner – Category Urban: Concrete Jungle by bachirm

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