The perfect picture

I’m pretty sure, all of us, who are really into photography and spend a lot of time with it, have this one photo, which required so much more work and patience than all the other ones. This one photo and the perfect vision of it stuck in your head for such a long time. Turning this vision into a photo is the ultimate goal. No matter how long it will take you, how many hours of trial and error, no matter how often you’ll be walking home at the end of a shoot, realizing that it still didn’t work.

Someone who worked for this ONE perfect picture for an estimated 6 years, one who took over half a million photos for this, who doesn’t regret a single second of it and one who, in the end, got rewarded with an incredible photo, is Alan McFadyen.

Among the reasons why it took him so long and all the troubles he had with this picture was, that the photographer decided to focus on an incredibly difficult motif. He was going for the perfect dive, the bird performing flawlessly, diving straight into the water, without a single splash. This means, it not only required the photographer to perform perfectly, but also the bird.

It’s not a big surprise that this wouldn’t be an easy photo to take. Also, because kingfishers are extremely fast birds and capturing them on photo is a challenge by itself.

McFadyen told the “The Daily Mail”, that he sometimes took over 600 photos in only one session, none of which he thought good enough, he spent hours after hours at a place, patiently waiting for another opportunity.

Nevertheless, on being asked if he regrets spending so much time on that single shot, he’d always say: No!

To be honest, I too think that this photo and all the rest of his kingfisher photos are amazing and all those hours spent were totally worth it. 😉

Do you have this vision of a perfect photo in your head? A photo you are working on for ages already?




Photos: Alan McFadyen

  1. These are astonishing photos.
    I’ve captured one or two by mistake (for instance, one of a robin just moving from a preen and becoming a very strange shape in the process, but I have neither the equipment nor the eye for superb shots that could be created on purpose.


    1. Same here, well, not the equiptment part so much, but more the location and the time to do that! But I doubt I would ever manage to get a similar perfect picture anyway… it truly is a Million dollar shot! 😉


  2. We love your pics.
    We are from India and we are new here, our production do a bird and culture photography nd people like us in udaipur. if u you love birds and give respect to the all culture “than at a once check out our blog and if you love than like and follow.”


    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 Will have a look at your blog!


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