SIGMA Global Vision


Have you ever heard of SIGMA Global Vision? You haven’t? I’ll explain it to you in today’s article. SIGMA Global Vision is the company’s philosophy. It contains the quality standards SIGMA has created for itself. Beyond that, different product series also play a major role as well as the service the company offers.

In a previous article you could read about the history of the company and its expansion to other continents, how it manages its price policy and employment regulations, which has proven to be very innovative. Basically almost all products are manufactured in SIGMA factories in Japan. It’s generally known that Japan is a hotspot for photography. Among many others, Canon and Nikon are based in that country. So the company’s policy and philosophy is also one of the first aspects of the general SIGMA Global Vision.

Another aspect is the design of various product lines. The Art, Contemporary and Sports series are particularly relevant for photographers. The categorization follows the purpose of providing a quick and good overview of all the products. Photographers are free to decide which lens is perfect for their individual needs.

Besides these three major series there are also the Cine lenses. They can be divided into the High Speed Zoom series, the FF Zoom series and the FF High Speed Prime series. They’re perfect for all cinema enthusiasts! Another advantage is the special look these lenses have as their bodies were marvelously designed as well. SIGMA tests each lens in a particular performance procedure which was specifically created for this purpose.

The equipment also plays a big role. There are various gadgets made by SIGMA which make photography easier and more practical. One product that’s indispensable is the MC-11 mount converter, which you can use on lenses with camera bodies with a Sony E-mount.

The service also includes some software products offered by SIGMA. SIGMA Photo Pro is an alternative program for Photoshop. SIGMA also provides a mount swap service, which means you can pay for having the mount of your lens swapped for the one of another camera system. Thus you won’t need to worry about new lenses after changing your camera.

And last but not least, of course there are also some cameras. The dq Quattro and the sd Quattro, for instance. These home-made cameras with a built-in Foveon sensor, which is absolutely innovative, have received many awards for their good quality and their individual and special design.

SIGMA keeps on developing new products and introduces new work flows and control mechanisms to fulfill the quality standards which have enormously increased in our digital age. By doing so, the company still tries to remain faithful to the original vision of its founder and to carry on expanding and realizing it.

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