A photographer whose pictures look like paintings: Dean West

 Australian-born photographer and visual artist Dean West, who currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, creates true masterpieces with his photographs. He gives his dreams some real virtual space by capturing them in his pictures. Thus he makes every possible imagination and daydream come alive.

Seemingly unlimited creativity and countless ideas inspire the photographer to make his masterpieces such as his photo series The Painted Photograph. Every detail, every small thing looks perfectly placed and makes his pictures remind us of something we may find in famous old paintings.






One of his additional photo series titled In Pieces deceives the perception of the observer. Dean West never played with LEGO pieces in his childhood, but now as a grown-up he lives this playful side of him in cooperation with LEGO. Impressive imitations with the little bricks make his photos true search games. Would you recognize the little pieces in his pictures at first sight? Dean West doesn’t make things that easy for us.








His work is displayed at renowned art exhibitions all around the world. West has also received a lot of prizes and awards. In 2008, he counted among the top 100 most talented photographers and was awarded by Saatchi & Saatchi in Cannes. In 2011, he won the AIPP Australian Pro Photographer Award. His list includes a lot of additional awards he deservedly received for his work.

You can admire some more fascinating photos and projects on his website:



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