Let’s dream ourselves on a beach…


Welcome summer, welcome you wonderful warm nights which you can enjoy sitting out at the water in a summer dress, forgetting time and regret staying awake for very long on the next morning at your job (at least for a short time). These nights are the moments where I can at least pretend to be on holiday. Sometimes it actually feels surprisingly real. Well, this time I really missed taking some time off in the summer and therefore I try to get over it with such self-deceiving actions and some short trips while my friends are having a great time abroad.

The photos I’ll show you today may feel like masochism to you (but I enjoy daydreaming way too much to torture myself like that). Because they all have the same subject – the sea and its visitors. The photographer who created them is called Marco Andres Arguello (http://www.marcoarguello.com/) and, as he writes on his website, he’s currently in Greece. Delving into his subjects almost feels like being there yourself, on a ship in the ocean, on the cliffs by the sea or at the fantastic, picturesque sun sets when the blue hours have begun and the sky radiates in diverse sorbet colors.

The thing I like best, however, is his ultraviolet series. At the latest at the point when looking at these images you can sense the warm sun on your skin, the smell and the feeling of sand. They show people who must have felt exactly this way. In strange poses they lie in the sand, sometimes totally dressed (even in tights!) and sometimes with their heads in the sand. In the background you can partly see the colorful umbrellas and the tall houses of a typical tourist beach – we all know them, don’t we?!  And that’s exactly why the photos have this impact and we’re happy about the oddities offered to the beach tourists.

Arguello’s chroma series is also worth taking a look – as he continues with this deceivingly real holiday feeling. A green doormat on green floor tiles welcome the observer of the photo and we already dive into a colorful world of vibrant Hawaiian shirts and fruit-printed cars.

Like a spy Arguello knows how to capture people in their intimate moments where ease, exuberance and a feeling of laissez-faire take hold of them and they live it with all their senses.

No matter if you are still planning to go on a holiday or if you nostalgically remember your last one – I’m hoping that the pictures have inspired you to dream of the south again.







Photos: Marco Arguello

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