The popular SIGMA lens with a focus length of 24-70mm ( and an aperture of f/2.8 has finally made it into the fourth generation of the Art series after it was given a general overhaul and completely redeveloped. For a couple of weeks now the recommended retail price of this lens has been announced and the lens is now available on the market and in online retail shops.

The all-round lens, which isn’t only perfect for traveling, nature and landscapes but also for taking pictures and portraits of persons, has mounts for SIGMA, Canon and Nikon cameras. It also includes optical image stabilization which works with all camera types. The integrated HSM (Hyper Sonic Motor) engine implies an extra-fast auto focus which in tandem with the optical image stabilization enables technically fast shots and still guarantees an excellent level of sharpness.

Its optical design with 19 elements arranged in 14 different groups also promises a lot of quality. Three Super Low Dispersion glass elements were integrated which help to reduce imaging errors with four aspheric lens elements. Thus it is possible to achieve great optical performance with this lens within the range of the entire zoom area. The aspheric lens elements also create an extremely high resolution.

According to SIGMA, the high optical quality can also be noticed by the open aperture which guarantees wonderful bokeh in a perfect circular shape.

The SIGMA 24-70mm f/2.8 is an all-round lens, which thanks to the big range of focal lengths is always versatile. For this reason SIGMA has particularly focused on the high-quality build quality of the lens. Its tube was primarily made of metal. The exterior mobile parts of the lens, on the other hand, were made of TSC (thermally stable) materials which is highly resistant to thermal expansion.


A rubber seal also protects the mount of the lens while the front lens has a water and oil resistant coating to support the functionality of the lens even under bad weather conditions.

And if we finally compare the compatibility of the lens with the camera bag used – its size is about 88×107.6mm and the lens weighs about 1,020 grams.

On the SIGMA website the recommended retail price is 1,449 Euros, but we’re convinced that this lens is worth paying that amount. We’ve already put the previous model, the SIGMA 24-70mm f/2.8 EX DG HSM, to the acid test on many photo tours and we were always very satisfied with it.


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