Traveling designs by Shamekh Bluwi

Creativity is among the traits I admire most in people. For me, the amazing thing about creativity is, that it comes in so many different forms and seeing what other peoples creative minds are able to create inspires me a lot.

Among my latest inspiration discoveries is Shamekh Bluwi, a fashion designer and illustrator who uses his surroundings to complete his amazing fashion designs.

What I love most about his idea is, that the combines traveling and exploring with designing and creating. Whenever he sees something interesting, be it pattern, landscape, sky or architecture, he takes out one of his cut-out designs and places them in front of it.

He told the Huffington Post:

“I wanted to share my experience while traveling by adding visual elements from the countries I am visiting,”

The results are incredible and some of them would look stunning if transformed into actual clothing. I mean, imagine turning a perfect sunset moment, or a breath-taking mountain range into a dress for example?

How do you like his idea? I know, there have been a couple of paper cut-out artists around and the idea is not totally new. There were even a few posts about them on this blog already.

Still, how do you like the work Shamekh Bluwi does? I personally, love it. Both his exquisite fashion drawings and the way he uses his Cut Outs.

You’ll find more of his work on his Instagram Account and on his Facebook page.1





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