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Today I want to take you on a little tour back into the history of photography by presenting you a real pioneer in photographic technology: Eadweard Muybridge! Born in 1830 in England, Muybridge started his professional career in a bookshop, but very soon he focused on photography which became his passion and fascination.

In 1878, Muybridge, who had emigrated from England to California, made a bet with the millionaire and race-horse owner Leland Stanford where he documented the actual motion sequence of a galloping horse. Therefore he had to take twelve pictures in less than one second. He decided to place cameras with specific lenses and guillotine-like shutters one next to another. These were triggered by the galloping horse which tore the threads that had been put across the racing track as the horse passed. The test was successful and the experiment opened up totally new perspectives to him.





From that moment on Muybridge totally focused on chrono-photography and its marketing. In 1887, he published an eleven-volume edition of 781 photo series titled “Animal Locomotion”. The target group of this publication mainly consisted of painters who found an essential basis for portraying certain instants of a motion sequence.

If you’re interested in this pioneer in motion photography and his creations, I recommend you watching this video:

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