Analogue in Havanna

Today I also want to take you to another analogue adventure! There are cities and countries screaming for ANALOGUE in my eyes. And sometimes you just have to listen to that scream.  Havana was such a city for me, or to be more exact, Cuba was in general – the city or the country where time stands still.  Colorful colonial style houses, the old city with its little run-down lanes, art at every corner, the smell of rum and tobacco in your nose and a lot of Old-timers completing the image of the city. If that isn’t the perfect place to try out that old medium a bit and capture the very special charm of this unique location, I really don’t know what could be…

I took all my photos with a 50mm lens. You’ve got to know that with the right adaptor everything’s possible. 😉

Hunting for great shots, I simply let my feelings guide me through that city. I didn’t want to make a plan and do classical sightseeing (that’s never been one of my strengths either). I just strolled through the narrow streets with my camera and a big water bottle (don’t forget that in Cuba during summer! I’ve traveled a lot but it’s never been that hot). I was really happy about the colorful houses, the old cars, the impressive decorations and I felt totally fine in this strange world. That’s the feeling I’m looking for on all my trips and I hope you can also share that feeling in one or another way and anticipate your next journey! Be it a discovery tour into the nearest forest, a big city or a faraway country, with a digital or an analogue camera – the most important thing is that you get carried away by photography and look forward to your results.



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