The art of cleaning up

Today I’d like to show you my latest art/photography discovery: Ursus Wehrli is called the “Monk” of photographers – but take a look for yourselves!


Ursus Wehrli is a Swiss comedian, a visual artist, a photographer and an action artist. He worked as a typographer and was widely discussed because of his project “The Art of Clean Up”, where he cut reproductions of famous pictures and restructured them in a new geometrical order. About his work he says the following:

“THE ART OF CLEAN UP is a book for big and small people, for lovers of art, for haters of art, for aesthetic people – and it’s the only real therapy for hopeless art critics. THE ART OF CLEAN UP is the playful and absurd way of creating clarity at least where it makes almost no sense at all! Cleaning up isn’t art – THE ART OF CLEAN UP, however, is.”



After both bestsellers, “The Art of Clean Up” and “More Art of Clean Up”, Ursus Wehrli extends his ingenious idea and finally cleans up the entire world. From a Christmas tree to the subway to the soccer team, the pool grounds and the parking lot – nothing escapes his cleaning hand. He sorts by colors, shapes and patterns and creates exciting images that make us smile.

I’ve compiled some of my favorite pictures from his books and hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.





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