I’m back!

One and a half years ago several blows of fate had forced me to give up my beloved hobbies – blogging as well as photography. Like many people tend to approach such situations, I had also given up on everything non-essential and focused upon the truly important things in life. Since I stopped blogging, Tamara and Beatrice have supplied you with photography news, great articles about a number of photography related topics, nice photos and interesting reviews. And for the most part things are going to stay this way in the future.

What is going to change is that from now on I’m going to put my own two cents from time to time and mainly in regard to the topic of the Foveon sensor. What you can expect are many photos taken with Sigma cameras, reviews of said cameras and SA mount lenses and postings, in which I’m going to get to the bottom of many mysteries surrounding the Foveon sensor as well as the always interesting/challenging X3F development. To put it short, the blog is going to have a lot more Foveon power from now on. I’m already diligently shooting photos and experimenting and I’m going to post my Sigma SD Quattro review very soon.

I would like to conclude by saying, that it’s true, that time heals all wounds. 🙂

  1. Hi Lars,
    Glad you are on the back and flying the Sigma flag.
    In the New year I may contact you if you don’t mind as i’ve been shooting Sigma cameras since 2004 and i’m also a passionate Sigma fan.
    I’m looking to hold Landscape Workshops throughout next year and it would be fantastic to have some clients join me that use Foveon based cameras.
    All the best for 2018.

    I’m currently building a new website but my old site is still active and of course you can look me up on Facebook 🙂

    Kind regards Lea.


    1. Hi Lea! I will look you up. But I’m unsure of what you are proposing. Since this is a passion project only, we are not looking for any kind of business/advert deal.

      All the best for 2018 to you too! 🙂

      Kind regards,


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