I don’t know in which cities you live, where you enjoy traveling and what kind of exhibitions you prefer to visit. Yet I’d like to inform you about something now that’s moving me quite a lot, even if it may seem very far away to many!

Vienna. A city where I spend quite a lot of time, which I appreciate a lot and which I love thanks to all its facets. It is known across the borders of the country that there’s a lot of cultural stuff to do in Vienna. Countless museums with the most famous paintings in the world, great theaters and numerous other cultural experiences. Of course, you will also find photography in Vienna. My favorite gallery is the Westlicht, located in Vienna’s 7th district, which has been attracting many visitors for its interesting exhibitions since 2001. Exhibits like “PLATON. FACES OF POWER”, “80 Years Che Guevara. Icon of a generation“, “IN OUR TIME. MAGNUM 1947 – 1987“ or the annual “WORLD PRESS PHOTO” make Westlicht a highly important hotspot for photography in Vienna. At present the exhibition “The Polaroid Project” can be admired in this gallery.

As it seems, though, the gallery is about to be closed very soon. For 16 years the house with its compelling and interesting exhibitions about international and Austrian photography has decisively contributed to promoting a public discourse on the history and present of the medium. An online platform aims to save Westlicht. I don’t know how many of you have been to Vienna and spent some time visiting the exhibitions. But all those of you who’d like to help save a piece of photography I’m asking to sign this petition:




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