Dad becomes Instagram famous in one week

Bill Young is a photographer and a pilot. During his many stays in hotels all over the world he is exposed to different forms of architecture and design on a daily basis. Of all things the one he was particularly taken by were hotel carpets, which he decided to document meticulously at one point and to upload to his Instagram account @myhotelcarpet in August 2015.

Up to about a week ago his account only had 83 followers. But this changed abruptly, once his 19-year-old daughter, Jill, had decided to make his carpet photos world-famous. It was supposed to be a Christmas present and to be done via twitter. To that end Jill wrote the following tweet: “All I Want For Christmas is for my Dad’s hotel carpet Instagram to go viral, please help this happen.”

Obliging to her request her Twitter followers began liking and retweeting her tweet, her father’s Instagram went from 83 followers to having over 25.000 in a matter of days. After mainstream media had covered the story, the number of his followers surpassed the 500.000 mark. At the time of writing Bill’s Instagram account has almost 630.000 followers.

What’s your take on this unusual Christmas present and the fact, that thanks to internet it appears to be so easy to become world-famous?

    1. Happy you like it! 😀 He is a genius! 😉


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