A challenge for yourselves

When I happened to come across the photographer Jenna Martin, I was aching to share her latest project with you!

Every amateur and professional photographer has their own and unique way of looking at beautiful things. Everybody perceives locations in a different way and with a bit of creativity some succeed in taking exceptional pictures at places that may simply appear “ugly” to others.

The photographer says about her project that instead of looking for ordinary beauty she had the idea of trying the exact opposite. With a model and a camera she toured around Lowe’s, a local hardware store, in order to test her idea. She took pictures at locations with terrible lighting conditions and from perspectives that usually make no sense at all for shooting. She did not change the locations in any way, using them exactly as she found them.

Below you can see some simple pictures of the locations, raw images she shot and finally the post-edited photograph.

I consider the idea of challenging yourself like this really fascinating! For everyone this is a good way of proving yourself and training your photographic eye. In any case I’m going to try a similar task for myself. How about you? 😉



  1. This is certainly an interesting concept. I imagine that walking around a Lowes or Home Depot with a high fashion model in tow would probably create a stir, and make the store workers more amenable to the process. I do agree with the concept that turns an cluttered work environment into a backdrop for an interesting photo, but a much more difficult though interesting project might be to find a worker and turn them into the model in that same environment. Yes, it would be much harder to get the store to cooperate, but we are talking about a challenge aren’t we? Keep up the good work (thumbs up)


    1. I like your idea! That would be indeed an even more interesting challenge! In case you’ll try it, let me know (and see 😉 ) how it went!


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