Wintry city scenes with the Sigma sd Quattro

Just like Tamara and Beatrice I’m also not a fan of wintry city motifs. The next day, and sometimes even within hours, the snow turns into dark sludge, which makes taking nice photos every difficult. Going out to shoot photos is only sensible on those days, when the snow has already melted and, with a lot of luck, it’s sunny. Sadly those days are few and far between. Even so it’s worth it to go out for a walk with your camera, even if you don’t take a single decent photo doing so. Because if you learn to manage the shortage of subjects in the winter, those sunny spring and summer days will seem like a banquet and you won’t be able to decide what to try out first. 🙂

During one of the latest photo walks I went into the menu of my Sigma sd Quattro and realized that in my review I have neglected to discuss one feature that was introduced with it. I’m talking about the SFD mode, which is supposed to allow for better image quality by letting the camera take multiple photos. Other manufacturers offer similar modes, but in those cases it’s all about the resolution. The sd Quattro’s mode, instead, is about improving color quality and dynamic range. Quattros‘ Foveon sensor offers in my opinion more than enough resolution. Therefore I’m going to test this feature out and let you know what I make of it next week. 🙂



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