Welcome back, David Lachapelle!

As I’ve already shown you in my article on Oliviero Toscani, I’m pretty much interested in the art of commercial photography. The comeback of the Italian scandal photographer really was a highlight and I’m looking forward a lot to the fresh breeze he will hopefully blow into the advertising industry. Another photographer who (not only) in my opinion has enormously influenced the advertising world is David LaChapelle. Only few years ago his name was widely discussed and stars and starlets in the movie and pop music industry were aching to have their photo taken by the star photographer. Tupac, Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio, Lady Gaga are just a few celebrities who were desperate to have a photo shoot with LaChapelle.

David LaChapelle had scaled the Olympia of fashion photography.  It seemed as if his career would be steep – and then, eleven years ago, suddenly news spread that the photographer was about to withdraw from commercial photography. Little time later he really lay low and there weren’t any news about him for quite some time.  As he told in some interviews, he was spending his time as a farmer on Hawaii. Far from celebs and paparazzi, far from the glamour and the parties. It was just that what he was longing for, because, in his own words, the photographer had grown tired of working with stars.

“All I had to say about the world of fashion and stars I’d already said. There was nothing to tell anymore. I was thinking that I was done with photography,” LaChapelle remembers in an interview with Spiegel Online.

Fortunately, however, it sometimes only takes a break from everyday life and routine until the muse of creativity kisses us again. David LaChapelle is back with quite a few projects in his pocket.  Two photo books (Lost & Found Part I ; Good News. Part II) and several celebrity shootings were completed in 2017. The photographer became particularly famous again with photos of Miley Cyrus. He also shot a commercial series for Diesel in 2016. So it’s very likely that the break LaChapelle took didn’t harm his career and that in the near future we’re going to see more of his vibrant and extravagant pictures. I’m already looking forward to this.

Stil/ David LaChapelledavid-lachapelle-lost-found-good-news-anthologie-aufmacherStil/ David LaChapelleStil/ David LaChapelleStil/ David LaChapelle

Photos: David LaChapelle

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