SIGMA announces the launch of its first online magazine “SEIN Online”

 SIGMA is proud to announce the launch of its first online magazine titled SEIN Online. Since 24 January 2018 it has been online and can be visited on .

SEIN Online is an original web magazine of the camera and lens manufacturer which has been started for creative and interested people.The mission of the magazine is to share the passion and respect for visual culture and the art of photography with the readers. Beyond that, the approach to the creative process and the innovative ideas of the company shall be presented. SEIN Online is the successor of SEIN, a quarterly print magazine started with great success in 2014. All articles that have been published so far can be read on the website as well.

In addition to this, we will receive new categories and articles each month from now on. The main topics of SEIN Online can be summarized as “Living with photography & scenes with SIGMA”. From interviews with famous photographers to essays to special details of the label we will for sure have a lot to discover. Four or five times a month SEIN Online will share new stories with the community. In addition SIGMA opens an official SEIN Online Instagram account in order to reach more viewers.

So far there are seven different categories with quite interesting articles. (Among others these are “ways of seeing” or “the essentials”). In February more categories will follow.


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