Valentine’s Day for couples

What can be a better Valentine’s Day gift than a shooting of a couple – provided you aren’t a single?

The only question is: Does the right, perfect shooting actually exist? A shooting that is romantic but devoid of kitsch and that others don’t have to feel ashamed for? Which photographer should I choose and what will be the price for such a gift?

Since there isn’t a generally correct answer to this question and since it depends on everybody’s own judgment about what can be considered kitsch, there are only a handful of rules which should serve at least as some basic guidelines for you.

Photographers with style

Finding the right photographer isn’t that easy because the web is loaded with offers. The best thing to start with is to browse regional photographers, take a look at their portfolio and then decide if the desired way of shooting suits you. In advance you should fix the price and talk about special offers either in person or at least by email. Location scouting wouldn’t be such a bad idea, either. Also take the weather forecast into consideration when the shooting takes place outdoor.

Top 3 Poses and positions

Who should move in the foreground and who in the background? Are there positions of the partners that wouldn’t look so great after the shooting?

  • The Classic: Leaning against a wall

As you can guess from the title, in this shooting the couple leans against a wall to be shot by the photographer from a frontal perspective. Of course, it’s up to the couple if they look into each other’s eyes, right into the camera etc.

  • Shifted positions

In this shooting, the partner is present in the foreground facing the photographer while the other partner poses some meters behind. The advantage: This way of shooting definitely pays off for all those loving fantastic bokeh and depth-of-field.

  • Close your eyes and shoot

For the more romantic ones among you, but certainly not suitable for everyone, there’s the face-to-face position. A close-up shot with a thoughtful look, this kind of photo looks fairly intimate but shouldn’t be sneezed at.


Keep in mind!

Of course, there’s a variety of many more poses depending on every couple’s individual choice. It’s important to keep in mind though: For whom will you do the shooting? Because if the gift is for your parents-in-law, the poses will definitely look very different than in a shooting used for private purposes and/or in your bedroom.

The ground rule is: The more a photographer invests time in finding a way between his work and his client’s ideas, the more professional he’s most likely to be during the actual shooting as well. Then the final result will be a success. After all, you won’t get your best photos thanks to a perfect technique. The individual person has to feel good in front of the lens – and that’s what can be seen after a successful shooting.


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