Robert Rose only takes his iPhone to Nepal

Here at Fotogenerell we mostly deal with advanced photography. What I mean by that isn’t only the technique of capturing and editing photos but gear as well. However, from time to time we look away from DSLRs and lenses and take a look at how established pro photographers circumvent any restrictions smartphones have and how they manage to capture amazing photos despite the small sensor. This is especially interesting because of fast-paced technological development and because of the results looking more and more DSLR-like/DSLM-like by the year.


© Robert Rose

Robert Rose is one of these pro photographers who leave their big camera at home ever more often. After a 35 years long career as a portrait photographer, in 2006 Rose founded a nonprofit organization TRIFC and dedicate himself to beneficent work. Currently he shoots photos for TRIFC in Nepal and does it entirely with his iPhone. Reasons for this are numerous, as his son writes in an article over at DPReview. On the one hand it is due to the compactness and the fact that nowadays everyone has their smartphone on them at all times. And we all know that the best camera is the one you have with you. 😉 On the other hand convenience also plays a major roll. You can’t edit you photos nor directly upload them to Facebook and co with a “real” camera – this is only possible with a smartphone. And one thing that caught my eye while viewing his portraits is that thanks to portrait mode it is no longer impossible to achieve shallow depth of field with current gen smartphones. In some of the photos bokeh doesn’t look bad at all.


© Robert Rose

I recommend you wholeheartedly to read the article over at DPReveiw. I found the photos shown there very interesting from both a creative and a technical standpoint. 🙂

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