Photos from outer space  – Scott Kelly, the astronaut that takes pictures

Scott Joseph Kelly is a former US astronaut. Spending 520 days in outer space, he’s the most experienced NASA astronaut. Now, after 20 years of work, he left NASA.

So what can you do with so much time in outer space? Working, of course, but what else? Scott Kelly tweets like a world champion! His tweets include hundreds of photos that keep fascinating people from all around the world!


After some time Scott Kelly became a celebrity on Instagram, Twitter and on many other platforms. By now he’s got more than one million followers. Besides this, he counts among the most popular and most renowned space photographers! On his longest space voyage, where he spent more than 340 days in outer space, he took huge amounts of pictures of wonderful, abstract land shapes and waterways on our planet. He’s seen hurricanes ravaging wildly on oceans. From far above he’s watched the polar lights and consequently transformed the land and the waters on Earth into an abstract artistic dream. He took pictures of beaches, deserts, forests and everything else he could spot.

His equipment consisted of a Nikon D4 digital camera and classical tele-lenses which are often used for shooting soccer games.

If you’re as thrilled about his pictures as I am, you should definitely visit Scott Kelly’s Instagram account or his website !

And those of you who still haven’t got enough can find a lot of videos on YouTube as well.


Photos: Scott Kelly


  1. Wow. It’s almost like a completely different planet. So absolutely breathtaking.


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